ELT Baptist Church

About ELT

ELT Baptist Church is a Christian community of people who have a common faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord and share their lives together as his disciples. 

As a church we are passionately committed to the city in which God has placed us. London is a wonderfully diverse city – culturally, ethnically and socially. As such we aspire to celebrate and reflect this diversity and through our ministries to bring God’s blessing to the people of London. We believe that reaching out to people in a city like London is part of God's ultimate purpose to bless all nations with salvation through his Son. You are welcome to join us in this exciting venture.

We come from a wide age range, diverse ethnic groups and all walks of life. As an evangelical church we believe that people like us are saved not because we are good or religious, but by God’s grace alone.   We also believe that that the Bible is God’s word and therefore put a lot of emphasis on preaching and teaching so that we can hear what God is saying and live accordingly. Because there is such good news in the Bible we don’t want to keep it to ourselves, but to tell everyone in our community and around the world. If you haven’t yet had this good news explained to you we would love to do so.

Our particular church tradition is Baptist. That means that we are a self-governing independent church and that we only baptise those who believe in Jesus Christ and are his disciples. However everyone is welcome to our meetings and activities whatever their background, Christian or not. We express our membership in the wider Christian movement though our affiliation to the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches, Affinity and the South East Gospel Partnership.